About the Team

Meet the team at Berry Getaways

Caroline Roberts
Position: Property Manager/Booking Agent

Caroline is armed with 20 years of property management experience and subsequently a wealth of industry knowledge.

Whether it’s helping you to secure accommodation or managing your holiday rental, Caroline’s efficiency and relationship-based skills are incomparable.

From dealing with tradesmen through to managing client expectations, her approachability and established rapport are greatly valued, and she is an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Her families love for the beach, and discovering the varied attractions throughout the South Coast makes her time away from work both eventful and relaxing.


Debbie Armstrong
Position: Administration Officer

Loyal and dedicated, Debbie has been an integral part of Berry Getaways since its inception more than 15 years ago.

Responsible for the important ‘behind the scenes’ work, you can be assured that Debbie has your best interests at heart. Her experience and impressive proficiency are appreciated qualities by both guests and clients alike.

After hours she likes to play touch football and go fishing. She also enjoys cooking and reading, and adores spending time with her two grown sons.


Melanie Cevasco
Position: Holiday Booking Specialist

After living her entire life in the Shoalhaven region, Mel brings an extensive amount of ‘inside’ knowledge and wisdom to her role as Holiday Booking Specialist.

With close to 5 years of experience in the tourism industry, including managing her own business, Mel offers an exceptional skill-set, which allows her to precisely understand her client’s needs.

Conscientious and amiable, Mel can support you in locating your ideal holiday property, without the unwanted hassle often associated with this type of pursuit.

When Mel’s not at work diligently helping a client, you can find her climbing Drawing Room Rocks, swimming at Jervis Bay or immersing herself amongst the natural beauty the South Coast so generously offers.


Ashley McGoldrick
Position: Holiday Accommodation Property Manager

Born and bred in the Shoalhaven, Ashley has outstanding knowledge of Berry and surrounding areas, enabling her to pass this wisdom onto her diverse clientele.

Highly professional and exceptionally organised, she thrives on fostering good relationships, offering reliable and consistent communication throughout the entire booking and management processes.

Outside of work she likes to spend time camping, horse riding and relishing in the countless, unspoilt beaches this area offers. As a mother, she also enjoys taking her daughter on ‘coffee dates’ at the numerous café’s and eateries dotted throughout Berry.