The Song Company presents Dreamers of the Day: Berry

The Song Company Ensemble

From ambiguous start to surprising finish, Dreamers of the Day, the fourth and perhaps most extraordinary program yet in The Song Company’s 2017 season, sets out to fragment and distort the listener’s experience, focusing on changing their perceptions of sound and time to imagine them slowly waking from a dream. At times pulsing and brisk, at other times vague and elusive like a half-remembered dream, Dreamers of the Day features old and new arrangements of iconic Baroque pieces from J.S. Bach and Handel, teamed with classic but radical miniatures by three influential 20th century composers and rounds out in style in a part-minimalist, part-improvisatory soundtrack of four pianos plus percussion (both electronic and real), a talking clock, and Anna, a twilight heroine on a kaleidoscopic dreamtime ride. The program features guest artist Robert MacFarlane (tenor) and young artist Alexandria Siegers (alto) Minimalism vs Baroque vs 20th century Contemporary, The Song Company will take audiences on a dream-like musical journey which will challenge their awareness of time, tempo and rhythm and will pit the fluidity of psychological time against the primordial relentlessness of time itself.

When: 29/08/2017 - 29/08/2017

Location: 69 Albert Street, Berry, Jervis Bay & Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia


Phone: (02) 8272 9500